“Everybody’s got a past. The past does not equal the future unless you live there.”
~Tony Robbins

Where does your mind reside? Does it include judgment, hurt, anger, or shame regarding yourself or others? Are you still living in yesterday, five years ago, twenty years ago? How is that working for you?

A good friend of mine shared her mantra “I don’t live there anymore” as a coping mechanism to deal with a painful childhood. Yes, she doesn’t physically live in that home anymore… but neither does she choose to relive those memories in her mind or her heart. That crucial decision allowed her to move forward in life to a place of success, happiness, and love. She lives in a place where she chooses to be in charge of her life rather than a victim.

Today, identify the people, places, and things you tend to “live in.” Realize those places really no longer exist other than in memories. Step back, realize how you’ve grown, and choose to say good-bye to what no longer lifts you up.

Wishes to you for a happy day!