Meg’s Mastery Tools are within you at this very moment—though they may be hibernating. It’s so easy to re-activate them. There are no books to read or degrees to earn, you just need to remember you have these gifts available to you, and you always did. Meg will help you re-awaken your own power so you can find your way home to who you are.

Here’s an overview of the Master Tools, which are foundational elements to your work with Meg:


Until we know who we are, we will continue to look “out there” for validation—for our choices, our journey, our existence. What if we were able to step into a place of feeling completely aligned and grounded in the essence of who we are? In this place, our energy is strong and steady, and even during tumultuous times, we find ourselves rooted like a tree amidst the wind and chaos.

Your PVS is the starting point of everything, the DNA of who you are. This experiential tool authenticates your life by informing your choices, both with yourself and others.


Never underestimate the power of daydreaming as a means to answer the question, “What do I want?” Using our minds to combine imagination and intention is one of our best superpowers. What we think, we create. Consider this: Everything we see around us once existed only in someone’s mind. We cannot create without imagination and we do create what we imagine… so be aware of what you imagine!

This revelation will make you re-evaluate the traditional way of working. After all, using your mind in this way is the opposite of pushing, pulling, striving, and trying to get it right. Meg helps you reconnect with this forgotten ability to literally transform your current reality into a life you desire. Writing out your “Mojo Manifesto” is one of several exercises that will help you activate this tool. If you could write the movie script of your future life—job, home, or relationships and all—what would it look and feel like?

“I pulled out my notebook from the seminar I went to a year ago. I was reading the section on manifesting and what I would want my next role to be. I found it, almost word for word! You work small wonders in ways you might not see every day.”
~ Joan Piatt, Trade Marketing Manager, Stella and Chewy’s


A survey of twenty top CEOs showed that when asked what they used to make decisions, the number one tool was, “a gut feeling,” or their “intuition.” Source

Body: Intuition allows us to make choices that most align with our intentions. Meg’s work with Laura Day and her book The Circle: How the Power of A Single Wish Can Change Your Life awakened her own sixth sense. We all possess this superpower from the time we are born. Unfortunately, as life begins to throw us adult-sized challenges that monopolize our thoughts, intuition can fade away.

The great thing about this tool is that it can be re-awakened and strengthened like a muscle. Choosing awareness, watching where your attention goes, and looking at information provided are all ways to open up this inner guidance.

Imagination and Intuition work together. When you intentionally decide what you desire and then let your imagination do its thing, as in the Mojo Manifesto exercise, you are cuing your mind to be on the lookout for opportunities that will help you manifest the goals and feelings you desire.


  • Believe in your Intuition.
  • Expect it to work for you.
  • Trust in it.
  • Act on it.


“When you are stirring the soup, just stir the soup.”
~ Oprah

How do you want to feel in life? Chaotic? Insecure? Fearful of the future? Depressed about the past? Or do you want to feel grounded, confident, happy, and authentic?

Mindfulness is an overarching theme of all Meg’s Master Tools. It encompasses awareness of our Personal Values, awareness of that which we desire and Imagine, and awareness of what our Intuition is telling us.

Meg will share several exercises and techniques to achieve mindfulness, including:

1. Meditations
Mojo Manifesto Meditation, Ideal Day Meditation, etc.
2. Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), aka “Tapping”
Stressed out clients often opt to experience a round of tapping on self limiting beliefs at beginning of their sessions to clear away the mental clutter and pacify their nervous systems.
3. The Clean Sweep
This exercise reveals a birds-eye view of your life by doing an assessment of four key areas: relationship, wellbeing, finances, and environment.
4. Toleration Challenge
We often ignore the energy drains in our lives: the leaky faucet, procrastination at work, maybe a toxic friendship. Living mindfully is embracing the joyful moments and resisting the urge to run away from what we don’t want.
5. Rituals
Developing happy habits will make all the difference in your life. Examples of short, time-tested rituals include Morning Intention, an Energy Shielding Exercise, and Two-Minute Gratitude. Meg has many more to share with you!

“I pay attention, on purpose, and in the moment, as if my life depended upon it.”
~ Jon-Kabat Zinn