How do you make the leap from
wanting to being?

For me, the journey from one state to the other is the essence of truly living. I know exactly what it’s like to wrestle with the confusing process of “becoming.” Finding my own story amidst what I thought I should do or be was often the predominant roadblock in my life. Embracing my own story has led me to being of service to others who feel trapped in everyone else’s agenda and blocked from breaking free into their own life story.

Professionally, I’ve enjoyed 20 years of corporate leadership experience where I honed the skill of tapping into the strengths and energy of others to support them in reaching a higher level of performance. I’m passionate about helping people harness their unique gifts in order to effectively create happier lives with their work teams—and home teams as well! By cultivating true self-acceptance and self-possession, my clients are able to shift powerfully from “I want_______” all the way over to “I am experiencing_______.”

I am a writer, teacher, and guide for individuals, teams, and companies desiring an energy boost out of pushing/pulling/striving and into thriving. My work is based on the simple process of turning down the negative volume in our minds and tuning into our imagination and numerous innate gifts. When we begin to feel the way we want to feel on a consistent basis, we find the work we are here to do occurs naturally and with ease.

I attended the University of Wisconsin – Madison, graduated with a degree in secondary education, and spent 20 years in training and senior leadership roles with Quest Diagnostics, National Dentex Corporation, and Abbott Labs.

Using this conventional success as a foundation for my true calling, I became certified as a coach through the International Coaching Federation and am the only U.S. certified individual in Pursuit Development Lab’s “Personal Values” Program. I have also worked extensively with Laura Day, author of The Circle: How the Power of A Single Wish Can Change Your Life. I integrate all my life experience and the best components of these teachings to benefit my clients.

My free time is spent with loved ones and bringing my work to volunteer roles at Notre Dame School of Milwaukee and the Milwaukee Women’s Correctional Center. I also enjoy blogging for MKE Lifestyle Magazine.

I’d love to hear where you’ve been and where I can help you go.