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The Self Love Summit

Inspiration & Connection For Your Soul

Upcoming Summit: 

Date: Tuesday, October 15th

Time: 6-8PM

Location: Downtown Milwaukee 

This Month’s Topic: 

“The Road to Becoming a Writer”

Join us as Jenna Kashou, author of 100 Things To Do In Milwaukee Before You Die, shares her journey to becoming a writer. She’ll be giving us the inside scoop on her favorite new (and old!) Milwaukee spots as well as diving into her own story. It’s one of finding courage, dealing with an identity loss crisis, and writing a book… all the while dealing with new responsibilities and managing pain.

You don’t want to miss this Summit so register today as space may fill up quickly for this one.

As always, there will be the space for social time, questions, discussion… and delicious food and wine!

See you soon!

Meg & Jenna


“Self Love Summit was a beautiful way to start to a New Year, connecting with ladies of all different backgrounds and experiences. Yet, the common bond was the desire to nurture one another. Meg has provided a safe place to express oneself and grow by learning from others. It truly is magic in the making.” ~Carey Burrall


Overall, you desire less….


And more…


Just as Dorothy discovered on her epic journey with Toto, you have everything you need inside you. You always did. And once you (re)discover this, your own life will take on new vigor and dimension, and fresh opportunities will unfold.

You might be looking for a new job… 

You might be looking for a relationship…

You might be looking for more connection to yourself, your gifts, and to others. 

You might simply just want to FEEL better when you wake up.

“As women, we are inherently tribal. We are meant to gather with other women, to care for one another, participate in ceremony and be in circles. Unfortunately, we often lack this connection in our modern lives, where we work in cubicles, frequently care for our families alone, and have mothers and sisters who live far away. Our days pass without a sense of reverence and community, and we’re left with a powerful yearning for connection.” ~Shiva Rose

Whatever you’re desiring, the path and answers lie within.  If something needs to change, you are the one in control… of you.

When we take the steps to become aware of our own energy and what is contributing to feeling inspired or drained, that is the doorway into a more fulfilling life filled with ease. 

Here’s some examples of simple steps and solutions to raise your vibe…

  • Creating self-care rituals that feel good for your body, mind, and spirit.
  • Developing routines that evoke peace at home AND at work…. even if there’s steady stress going on.
  • Decluttering your physical environment, schedule, and mind chatter. The more simple your home life becomes, the more able you are to start enjoying life!
  • Developing self-awareness around your energy so you can pinpoint the triggers that deplete you.
  • Identifying your “Divine Team” who will support and help you thrive.
  • Creating and bringing to life your “Personal Brand.”
  • Once and for all, identifying who you are, what you desire, and how you want to feel.

Read About Others Who “Got Their Mojo Back” with Meg

Jess Vento“I set the intention and then put in the work to make those things happen. It’s awesome when you look back on something and it works out just as you imagined. My coach is awesome.” Jess Vento




“Meg Daly is a clarion voice of reason and connection. She starts with you where you are and guides you to deeper ownership of your values, creating a vision of what you bring to the world, and how to internalize a new concept of yourself. Her coaching and guidance are key sources of my daily understanding of who I am and what I contribute to the world.” Jean Roberts Guequierre



“I have a story to share… I landed a new job last week. Yeah!…the best part is I pulled out a notebook from the seminar…the section on manifesting and what I wanted my role to be… I found it, almost word for word! I am going to work for Stella and Chewy’s. Thanks Coach Meg! You work small wonders…” Joan Piatt



“The way you talk, it was as if I had a friend speaking to me…” Stephanie Heitz





About Meg Daly

I am a writer, teacher, and guide for individuals, teams, and companies desiring an energy boost out of pushing/pulling/striving and into thriving.

My work is based on the simple process of turning down the negative volume in your mind and tuning into your imagination and numerous innate gifts. 

When you begin to feel the way you want to feel on a consistent basis, you find the work you are here to do occurs naturally and with ease.

I am a certified coach through the International Coaching Federation and the only U.S. certified individual in the Toronto based Pursuit Development Lab’s “Personal Values” Program. 

I attended the University of Wisconsin – Madison, graduated with a degree in secondary education, and spent 20 years in training and senior leadership roles with Quest Diagnostics, National Dentex Corporation, and Abbott Labs.

Welcome To The Self Love Summit!

Do you want LESS STRESS and MORE EASE in your life? If you are feeling isolated and craving conscious connection, this is the place for you.

We are strong, empathetic women communing with masterminds in areas such as wellness, career, and relationships.

The evening is all about inspiration and meaningful conversations, connection, and the added bonus of delicious food and wine. Let us hear your voice and celebrate your successes with you!

What You Receive:

An evening filled with inspirational discussion, socializing, great food, and good energy. There is something special about connecting with like-minded women. The goal is to elevate your energy by sharing simple solutions for creating more magic, success, joy, and ease in your life.



Private Facebook Study Group – There is such power in connection…especially with a tribe of like-minded individuals. The collective energy of this private group is such a bonus to keep the good vibes going in between the monthly events. Click here to join!




Monthly exercises /homework – Meg’s exercises allow you to apply the tools explained at the Summit into your life….immediately! 

They are the “action” part of the journey and provide you with experiences and feedback to share on the private FB group and at the live events.



Meg’s favorite Meditations – Meg will share her private collection of embodiment and visualization meditations to enhance your experience at a deeper level.

They add an extra layer of good energy to the weekly lessons and exercises and become sacred rituals for your mornings and evenings.

Upcoming Summit: 

This Month’s Topic: “The Road to Becoming a Writer”

Tuesday, October 15th
Location: Downtown Milwaukee (details emailed upon registration.)

Fee: $25.00*

*Fee is nonrefundable and only applicable to this month’s Self Love Summit



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What happens at the Self Love Summit?
The evening starts at 6pm with socializing, food, wine, and sparkling water. Around 6:45pm we gather for a 15 minute presentation followed by breakout group discussions. The group comes back together about 7:30pm to share highlights and insights. We end the evening with one of Meg’s meditations and more socializing.
How is this different from "networking" events?

This is not a networking event! It’s a collective group of women coming together to share, laugh, and learn more about themselves and their feminine power. I believe true joy comes from the ability to flow into the good times where you are practicing self-care, self-compassion, and self-love. I’ve experienced my own anxiety, stress, and overwhelm…and found authentic, loving, and healthy ways to shift. I chose years ago to delve into my own shadow sides, to become a student of the personal development industry, and to share what I learned with other beautiful souls like yourself. I’ve absorbed and put to use hundreds of tools and exercises and narrowed them down to what worked for me…and that’s what is shared at the Summit. The super cool things is, my group events DO create really great connections for career development… but it happens organically.

Is this a substitute for therapy?

No. If you are dealing with any sort of mental illness or psychological issues, you are advised to reach out to your physician for guidance.


The Self Love Summit is a monthly event to share meaningful conversation and inspiration.
This event is not a therapy program. It is purely for educational purposes only.
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