FEBRUARY 12, 2019

This Month’s Topic: Clean The Slate! Removing Emotional & Physical Clutter That Holds You Back

Simplicity, minimalism, & ease. Did you know you can apply this to both your environment and your way of being in the world? Join us for connection, inspiration, and fun as Lisa Blue from Spaces By Lisa Blue joins Meg to discuss the power of removing clutter (in many forms!) from your life. 


So what exactly is a “Self Love Summit?” 

Did you know the number one thing I hear from clients is they want LESS STRESS and MORE CONNECTION & SELF LOVE in their lives? If you are feeling isolated and craving conscious connection, this is the place for you.  

We are strong, empathetic women communing with masterminds in areas such as wellness, career, and relationships. The evening is all about inspiration and meaningful conversations, connection, and the added bonus of delicious food and wine. Let us hear your voice and celebrate your successes with you.

“As women, we are inherently tribal. We are meant to gather with other women, to care for one another, participate in ceremony and be in circles. Unfortunately, we often lack this connection in our modern lives, where we work in cubicles, frequently care for our families alone, and have mothers and sisters who live far away. Our days pass without a sense of reverence and community, and we’re left with a powerful yearning for connection.” ~Shiva Rose

Date: Tuesday, February 12th

Time: 6-8pm

Location: The Cudahy, 925 East Wells Street, Milwaukee

Fee: $25*

Drinks & appetizers will be served. Feel free to share with friends!

*Fee is non-refundable.

“Self Love Summit was a beautiful way to start to a New Year, connecting with ladies of all different backgrounds and experiences. Yet, the common bond was the desire to nurture one another. Meg has provided a safe place to express oneself and grow by learning from others. It truly is magic in the making.” ~Carey Burrall